Wulus Zhagh Prog. 1

November 1, 2016

This is our first programme in the upcoming series of radio magazine programmes recorded for Pashto-speaking communities from Afghanistan and Pakistan residing throughout the world. The programme's core contents are entertaining of cultural, educational and social dimensions with the most popular new and old Pashto songs. This is an edutainment platform striving to promote Pashto language and Pashtoon culture. The programme provides an audio outlet for the promotion of charitable works by national and international organisations and commercial entrepreneurship. 

Our aim is to assist in efforts for the eradication of poverty and provision of equal opportunities for education, health and work for every Pashtoon woman and man, girl and boy without any discrimination.


We look forward to your feedback and views as the ownership of the programme is open to every Pashtoon who shares our views for the promotion of Pashtoon Culture, music and Pashto language.

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